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Back Pain

Are you one of the many Americans suffering from back pain?

Neck Pain

Cervicalgia is the medical term for neck pain, something that two-thirds of the population experiences in adulthood.

Auto Accidents

Did you know that 1% of the population will be in a car wreck that will lead to headaches and other pains?


If you suffer from headaches, there are other options that taking pain medications to cover up the symptoms.


Your Newport Beach Chiropractor can help treat sciatica and its causes.

Work Injuries

Work injuries are more common that we believe. They can occur suddenly or over time.

Disc Pain

A common type of pain results from a disc rupturing, slipping, or herniating in the spinal column. Chiropractors are the best remedy for disc pain.

Pinched Nerve

When there is pressure on a nerve in your spine it is referred to as a "pinched nerve".


See Dr. Todd Spicer, your Newport Beach chiropractor, for assistance in treating any of these conditions.

Chiropractor Costa Mesa

Dr. Todd Spicer, Chiropractor Costa Mesa, invites you to his chiropractic office at 125 Broadway, in gorgeous Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

We have many years of experience helping people reach their ultimate health and wellness goals.  We may have already helped someone you know, as we serve people not only from Costa Mesa, but also Newport Beach, Irvine, Corona Del Mar and Fountain Valley.

Chiropractor Costa Mesa adds years to your life and life to your years.  And it does so NATURALLY.  There are no dangerous side effects as there are with drugs and surgery.  It is safe, conservative and non-invasive.  Chiropractors the world over have helped everyone from infants to the elderly, from athletes to the weak and ill, and so on.  No wonder chiropractic is the most popular form of alternative health care.

Chiropractor Costa Mesa care brings relief to people who have previously been living in pain or with other symptoms.  Dr. Spicer, Chiropractor Costa Mesa, can explain how you can alleviate suffering from chronic pain in your neck, back, hips, etc.  Ask about help with other conditions as well, as we’ve treated such ailments as digestive trouble, carpal tunnel, lack of energy, stress and so on.  Even babies suffering from colic have gotten relief from Chiropractor Costa Mesa care.

Dr. Todd Spicer, Chiropractor Costa Mesa, and his team are Here For YOU!

Patients who seek Chiropractor Costa Mesa treatment at NATURAL HEALTHWORKS CHIROPRACTIC AND WELLNESS CENTER here in Costa Mesa, can be sure that they will experience the most modern and up-to-date chiropractic techniques available.

We’re Here For YOU!

Call us today at (949) 514-8190 to set up an appointment for your Chiropractor Costa Mesa consultation.

Discover how Chiropractor Costa Mesa care can put your concerns about pain to rest.  You are entitled to come in for a complimentary consultation just for visiting our website today.  Call to schedule a time that works for you.

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